English antiques for sale

English Antiques for sale

What is an antique?

An antique, as you will no doubt be aware, is generally regarded to be an item of some historical or artistic merit which is at least 100 years old. That would now place most Pre-George V era items within the antique category, though many people tend to associate antiques with Queen Victoria and before - though that is simply a matter of timing more than science!

Antiques for saleVictorian antiques are perhaps the most popular because they tend to be the most easily available due to their (relatively) young age, and the fact that many products began to be mass produced during the Victorian era and hence were made in greater quantities than in previous eras. The Victorian era also brought in many types of furniture which have remained timeless classics and so are always in demand because they 'fit in' with modern housing - much of which remains Victorian where owners pride themselves on trying to restore or retain as many Victorian features as possible. With rare antique collecting, it goes without saying that provenance is everything, and an item made and marked/signed by a particularly sought after craftsman will always command plenty of attention from rare antique collectors.

Condition is also a very important factor when it comes to valuing antiques, however, for really rare antiques, it isn't always the most important issue because really top quality fine antiques can be restored (and will probably be able to absorb the cost of restoration due to their increased value once finished). Some antiques restore better than others of course. Porcelein and china may be harder to remedy if cracked or chipped. On the other hand, wooden furniture and paintings can be substantially restored by specialist craftsmen.

Why do people collect English antiques? Well, Britain was such an important powerhouse through the middle ages and beyond that much superb craftsmanship was employed here, and the results remain world famous. Certain craftsmen, for example, chippendale, made groundbreaking designs of furniture in small quantities and so if you are furnishing a really special house and you can afford to spend in order to make it truly unique, then antiques are the way to go. What is also interesting, when it comes to buying antiques, is that what might seem to be a high price for, for example, "a bit of wood" - i.e. an antique table, might actually be not much less than the price of a new 'made in china' version. Therefore, in reality, you have a choice between putting in some time and effort to find a unique antique dining table which might have graced a Victorian dining room, or you can go to a modern furniture shop and pay practically the same amount of money for a mass produced table with no history or provenance.

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